Patrick SchacherCFO

    Patrick Schacher is Chief Financial Officer of EsoCap AG and has an extensive professional
    experience as a financial manager of SME companies. Patrick Schacher is a Swiss Certified
    Public Accountant and a Swiss Certified Tax Expert.

    Patrick Schacher started his career as an auditor for Deloitte in Basel, leading to roles as co-
    founder and shareholder in a trust company via various managerial positions. He very
    successfully led his own business for many years before joining Hoffmann & Partner in Basel in
    summer 2016.

    Since Hoffmann & Partner is providing part-time CFO-Services for many clients within the
    life science sector, he is in charge of that function with EsoCap AG since the inception of the

    Patrick Schacher also acts as President of the Limited Audit sub-committee of EXPERTsuisse
    in Zürich, the leading Swiss expert association for audit, tax and fiduciary.


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